Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cholistan "pakistan"

(1)Cholistan is a vast sandy desert covering an area of 2407 km2 and is locally known as Rohi.
The area is dominated by sand dunes as high as 12m. There are however, patches of leveled areas
lying between the dunes. The Hakra River divide the area into smaller and greater Cholistans. The
smaller Cholistan lies in the north of Hakra depression and is relatively flat with a few low sand
dunes. The greater Cholistan lies in the south and is entirely occupied by large sand dunes. The
encroachment of dunes from the greater Cholistan is a continuous danger for the local people. It is
important to have a full knowledge of the natural vegetation composition of this area. The present
study enlightens this aspect along with suggestions for the stabilization of sand dunes.

The Cholistan, or Rohi, Desert in Punjab is the largest desert on the Indian continent. The desert is over 10,000 square miles. Located 20 miles from Bahawalpur, The Hakra River dried up here, and with it most life. The 2.5 million people who live here are nomads who lead a simple life herding and trading in camels. Their culture is strong with many romantic legends dating back to ancient times and they place great value in the power of song. The desert festivals are simply out of this world, you may see camels dancing (except those with two left humps) who are even better dressed in dazzling costumes than their owners. The people of Cholistan wear embroidered and print coloured shirts, skirts and robe coats. During the wet season, the nomads built shallow reservoirs to catch rainwater to survive long spells away from their villages.

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